Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Vampire Diaries, going the way of Blood and Chocolate

You know how I was all excited that Vampire Diaries is being turned into a TV show? Well, it looks like my cynical side is going to win out on this one. Once again, I was looking through AOL Television and stumbled across a caption about Vampire Diaries. This one said that Katie Cassidy has been cast as someone named "Ella" and Steven R. McQueen as someone named "Jeremy." I'm guessing that "Ella" is supposed to be Elena - "Jeremy" could either be Stefan or Damon. Maybe I shouldn't even be using the names of the original characters - the way things are going, it's quite possible that, not only have the names been changed, but the personalities and story as well. I feel sad for L.J. Smith in the same way I felt sad for Annette Curtis Klause... With the Twilight books so popular, this should be a great time for Smith's Vampire Diaries books to be made into a TV show. Aww, that thought just makes it worse.

::sigh:: Anyway, change of topic, I'm still not sure how the blog is going to go. I got half a post finished yesterday before I stumbled off to bed. I'm still adjusting to the prescription (I can't remember how long that's supposed to take), and my frames really did need to be adjusted (ow, my poor head). Also, my glasses have a strange film of some sort that sometimes makes things look a little foggy - I already talked with a couple people at the store, and all they've suggested so far is a different cleaning solution. My new glasses are pretty, but that's all they've got on my old ones right now.

I think I'll take some ibuprofen and go to bed early again.


  1. Katie Cassidy was actually cast in the Melrose Place as Ella - they just decided to combine the two pieces of news for god knows what reason. They haven't cast Elena yet, and Jeremy seems to be the replacement for Margaret. But yeah, your cynical side is steering you well, because the massive changes to The Vampire Diaries are just mind-boggling.

    We've got a whole pile of info up on TVD Fans if you want to catch up with the horror.

  2. Thanks for the info - actually, it's possible that the Melrose Place news mix-up is a Freudian slip that says more about the Vampire Diaries show than if she actually had been cast as Elena.

    Thanks for the link, too. So far I've just skimmed through a few posts, but it looks like there's plenty there I'd like to read.