Saturday, March 7, 2009

If it's not one thing, it's another

On the plus side, my rat boy, the one with the little lump on his tail, is doing fine. The lump has shrunk and he's acting just like he normally does - I'm much more confident now that the lump will eventually go away on its own. It looks like I was probably worrying over nothing.

On the minus side, my car seems to be leaking something - I think it might be leaking engine oil, so I'll be checking my engine oil level tomorrow. I don't think there are any places open tomorrow where I can actually go to get it looked at. I'm also not sure where I should go. I had planned to go to the dealership (about 45 miles away) on Thursday or Friday anyway, but now I'm wondering if that would be too late. Now would be the perfect time to take vacation time, since it's Spring Break for the students, but I'm still too new to be allowed to take it. Unlike the students, my Spring Break doesn't start until Thursday.

Considering how little I drive this thing (once or twice a week), the amount of worry it causes me seems a little unfair.

3/8/09 - Well, the puddle under the car is definitely engine oil. Hopefully I can see someone tomorrow who can tell me how bad the leak is. I've still got to try to get an appointment with the service center at the dealership.

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