Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New glasses are annoying

I can't remember how long I've had my new glasses - 2 weeks? Well, they're driving me bonkers. I've lost count of the number of times I've gone and gotten them re-adjusted. Yesterday they were almost perfect - the earpieces didn't pinch my head, and the nose pads weren't digging into my nose anymore. Unfortunately, something was still off, because I had sinus pressure that only went away when I wasn't wearing my glasses. Today's adjustment involved narrowing the space between the nose pads a tad so that my glasses would sit higher on my nose. The good news is that the pressure along my cheeks is gone. The bad news is that everything else is now out of whack.

There are times I want to take my old frames to these people and just tell them to put new lenses in them. I'm not sure if they'd even do that, but that doesn't stop me from dreaming. My old frames were heavier, but they fit so well I could forget I was wearing them.

::sigh:: Anyway, I've got to finish tomorrow's post. If I don't do it tonight, though, I've got a little time in the morning, because I've got a funky work schedule tomorrow. It's only because I'm substituting, but tomorrow evening will be my first time as the only librarian in the library - I won't be the only staff member there, but that doesn't stop me from being nervous. If someone asks me a question I can't answer, I can't wave one of the reference librarians over. Well, I could call one of them at home, but then I'd just feel even more pathetic. Besides the reference stuff, I'm also hoping it will be a boring night - no fist fights (hey, one of the other librarians had that happen during one of her evening or weekend shifts, so it could happen) and no accidents.

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  1. I had new lenses put in my old frames's worth a try!

    Also, good luck with your evening shift. I'm not a fan of doing them, myself. 10 pm is past my bedtime. But you're on spring break, right? So maybe there won't be too many questions...