Thursday, March 19, 2009

Don't burst my bubble, Universe

Today was good. I got to sleep in, on account of being scheduled to work until nearly 10 this evening. I got my glasses adjusted, and I think they're finally ok, or at least good enough that I don't want to risk anybody making them worse - this time around, I got someone who didn't just listen to my attempts to explain what was hurting, but who also looked at how the glasses were fitting before she adjusted them. I think the fit of the frames is about as perfect as it's going to get, although my old frames still fit better (there are still slight nose pad issues with the new frames). The only not-so-good thing to come of this latest adjustment is that the queasy/dizzy/headachy feeling has returned a bit. I'm guessing it's because I'm looking through a different part of the lens than I was, but if I don't feel better in a week or so I'm going to schedule an appointment with the eye doctor again, just to make sure there isn't something off with the prescription.

My first "solo librarian in the library" time went fine, which I'm thrilled about. Enough people came to the desk that I wasn't completely bored, and yet I still had time to sort through all my Choice cards and correct the spacing in 340 call numbers. I unjammed the copier, solved a few people's computer problems, and managed to locate a book with a spine label that had a 1 where it should have had a 7. I only had two actual reference questions, and I was able to answer them both, mostly. One of the questions should have been easy - the patron needed something about Benjamin Franklin. Unfortunately, not only was it hard to get him to narrow it down, he really, really wanted a journal article instead of a book. I tried, but it could have gone better. I'm still happy and surprised that I managed to handle the other reference question - the patron needed to find lots of information about a particular company for an international business class. I found a great database (yay for our subject guide pages!) that helped me answer her question in only a few minutes.

All in all, it was a pretty decent day.

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