Sunday, March 29, 2009

I wonder how well my blog translates into Russian?

Or French, or Spanish, or whatever other language the "translate this" button might translate it into. It's just a thought I had as I was checking out Statcounter and noticed that a few people have used automatic translators on some of my posts. I remember when I took a look at how that kind of thing did with some sites in German (the one language besides English that I know well enough to be able to judge how well automatic translation works) - the overall results were more comprehensible than I thought, but there were always portions that were just laughable. I can't remember what it was I was translating, but I remember one sentence that, when translated began "My nut/mother..." (The "nut/mother" thing must be fairly common, because it comes up again in this post about a Babel Fish translation of a German insurance claim.)

Anyway, changing topics, I'd better try to type up a couple drafts in Blogger - my remaining drafts are dwindling. Also, I finished today's post with 5 minutes to spare. I really must do more in advance than I have been...

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