Friday, March 27, 2009

Anime series that should get another season - My version

I just read deftoned's post about anime series that should get another season. Since this is something I've loved to gripe about ever since I first started really getting into anime, I thought I'd make up my own list - some of it's going to overlap with deftoned's, and, of course, it's only based on anime I have actually seen.
  • Fruits Basket - Deftoned listed this one, too. The first time I saw this anime, I naively assumed that it would end with the lifting of the Sohma family curse (I didn't realize that the manga hadn't even been finished yet). It also seemed possible that Tohru would choose between Kyo and Yuki. Neither of these things happened.
  • His and Her Circumstances - Again, deftoned listed this one. I remember being shocked when I realized that, yes, what I had just viewed was supposed to be the ending. At least Fruits Basket's ending felt slightly more ending-ish, even if nothing was really resolved. The anime never even got as far as Reiji. After reading deftoned's note about this anime, I, too, am less than thrilled about FLCL. People may rave about it, but I enjoyed His and Her Circumstances more.
  • Hellsing - I'm talking about the TV series here, not the OVA. As far as I know, the OVA and the manga have more in common with each other than they do with the TV series, so those who enjoyed the TV series can't even turn to one of these to find out more. I watched the ending in English dub, in Japanese with English subtitles, and in English with English subtitles, trying to pick through a few parts that confused and intrigued me. Unfortunately, none of that actually helped.
  • Gravitation - I'm not sure that what I really want is a second season - I think I'd probably be happy if they just remade it and fleshed things out a bit more. While I don't think imitating the crazy excess of the manga would be a good idea, 13 episodes seemed way too short.
  • Loveless - The anime faithfully follows the manga, up until the last couple episodes or so - although the whole "let's spy on Ritsuka" episode is, I believe, based on something from the manga, the anime was too short to waste time on things like this. In the end, nothing was really wrapped up, and some hugely interesting characters never got a chance to appear (there's a bit with Seimei at the end that maddeningly hints at things that get revealed in the manga, but Nisei is only in the manga). Although this anime is beautiful, and the battles are, in my opinion, much better in the anime than in the manga, I'd recommend the manga over the anime just because of the anime's complete lack of resolution.
  • Peacemaker - Part of me was relieved that this one ended when it did. During my first viewing of this anime, I tensely awaited the deaths of many of my favorite characters. I didn't know enough about the history of the Shinsengumi to know when things started going badly, and, anyway, I didn't know how far into their history the anime would go. As it turns out, yes, a character I liked does die, but it could've been worse. If there were another season, it would get worse, and yet I'd like another season anyway, just so I could find out what happens to everyone. It's like anime masochism.
Before I wrap this up, I'd like to add that, if I could, I would have the second season of GetBackers redone - the anime doesn't really have a proper ending, because so much of the second season wallowed in fan service and filler.

Well, that's all I can think of for now, but I'm sure my mental version of this list will continue to grow.

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