Monday, March 23, 2009

Money to splurge with

I completely forgot that I would be getting a decent-sized tax refund this year, so I nearly had a heart attack when I checked my bank balance. Although I plan on putting a chunk of the refund in savings, I also plan to buy a few things I've been putting off. I'm not sure what I'll be buying and what I'll continue to put off, but my overall list currently includes:
  • A crockpot
  • An area rug - to make my dining room less boring
  • A bread machine - I'd love to be able to bake my own bread, but the idea of kneading the dough always puts me off. My mom has a bread machine and has told me it helps take a lot of the difficult parts of bread-making out of the equation.
  • A vacuum cleaner - My apartment isn't huge, but even small apartments need to be vacuumed occasionally.
  • A stereo - My current stereo is over 8 years old and is showing signs of imminent death. Although I use a laser lens cleaner often, it's gotten to the point where it skips while playing brand-new CDs.
It'll be fun figuring out what to get. I think I'll start looking at my options and reading customer reviews tomorrow (er, later today). You know, it used to be that only entertainment-related things like movies and books could make me excited. Now I get excited over kitchen and cleaning gadgets, too. It feels a little odd...

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