Wednesday, May 12, 2021

REVIEW: Dog Tag (e-manga) by Kaiji Idobata

Dog Tag is basically a one-shot yaoi comedy. I got it as part of a Humble Bundle.


Nate is too much like a useless puppy to be a very good soldier. He joined up primarily because he thought Leon, the Captain, looked cool and he wanted to be like him. Unfortunately, he has such a horrible sense of direction that he tends to get lost during field exercises if the other soldiers don't keep an eye on him. He's now doing his 14th field exercise this year, and he just got lost for the 18th time. Fortunately for him, Leon doesn't mind having to go look for him.

Everything from the title to the cover art had me worried about this one, and one soldier's comment that Leon frequently took Nate on field exercises because "the captain likes walking his dog" had me bracing for awfulness. However, this was surprisingly not rapey. I mean, yes, Nate was pretty stupid. He and Leon were in the middle of having sex when he started wondering what was going on and why. Still, he was fully on board with the whole thing, and this was an alternate universe where the other soldiers either didn't care what Nate and the Captain did when they were alone or just found it amusing.

Overall, this was much better than I was expecting. No real story - the entire setup was designed to get Nate and Leon alone so they could have sex and then Nate could happily follow Leon back - but the artwork was nice, and it was reasonably sweet and not rapey. Yay for that. Just be aware that it's extremely short.

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