Saturday, May 29, 2021

REVIEW: Bride of the Water God (manhwa, vol. 3) by Mi-Kyung Yun, translated by Julia Kwon Gombos

Bride of the Water God is a fantasy historical romance Korean manhwa with mystery aspects. It was/is licensed by Dark Horse Comics but appears to be out of print now. I got my copy of this volume used.


Soah is confused and disappointed at the discovery that Habaek does not have a tattoo on his chest like Mui, which seems to her like a good indication that they're not the same person, no matter what her suspicions tell her. She is further thrown by the revelation that Nakbin may still be alive. If Habaek has Nakbin, what use does he have for a fake bride like Soah?

In the end, Habaek makes the choice for Soah and sends her back to her family with her memories erased. Will Soah somehow find happiness with people who never expected to see her again, or will she somehow remember Habaek and return to him?

This volume left me feeling confused and annoyed. Mi-Kyung Yun continues to tell this story in the slowest and most confusing possible way. Was I supposed to know the true identity of the woman who visited Habaek? Why was the flashback to Habaek meeting and traveling with Yeon-Hwa important enough to devote 14 pages to it? As far as I can recall, Yeon-Hwa was never previously mentioned.

The revelation of what Soah's previous life was like should have been more shocking and surprising, if only to Habaek, and yet it just was. From what I could tell, Soah could have told Habaek the truth and he wouldn't have batted an eye, so her worrying in the previous volume and the beginning of this one was useless.

Soah spent a huge chunk of this volume beautifully sad. From the look of things, Volume 4 will probably feature a lot of Habaek being jealous but swearing that he isn't, while Soah continues to mope around sadly.


A couple full-color pages, three 4-panel comics starring the author and a couple of her assistants, and a short afterword by the author.

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