Thursday, May 20, 2021

REVIEW: 11:50 (e-manga) by Hatoko Nanayama

11:50 is a one-shot yaoi manga. I got it as part of a Humble Bundle.


Yoshikawa is at Shinozaki's place, getting drunk and complaining that he can't trust women anymore since his now ex-girlfriend cheated on him, when Shinozaki proposes a solution: if he doesn't want women anymore, why not try men? Specifically, him. 

This is for people who'd like their yaoi with as little plot as possible. It's almost entirely sex or thinking about sex. Hand job by page 3, blow job by page 4, a tiny period during which Yoshikawa is confused when he sees Shinozaki at work the next day (they're coworkers) and Shinozaki tries to brush the whole night off, and then more sex at the end, penetrative this time.

I was not expecting this to get into the sex as fast as it did. And even then, it seemed weirdly tame - there was definitely on-page sex and nudity (censored), although the way a lot of it was staged had me wondering whether the artist wasn't very confident about their anatomy skills. More close-ups than full-body shots, and the characters were always partially clothed. The sound effects did most of the heavy lifting.

I don't generally like stuff that is 100% about the sex - this would have worked better for me overall if there had been some effort to establish Yoshikawa and Shinozaki as characters before dumping them into a sex scene - but I suppose it wasn't bad, for what it was. The characters weren't horrible to each other.

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