Friday, March 5, 2010

The status of my reading, near the end of my big work project

I'm basically done with the enormous record maintenance project at work - all the editing has been done (4ish hours of work), and now they just need to be imported back into our system (5-10 minutes a day, with me resisting the urge to load more than our system can handle). I think the importing part will be done on Sunday. Yay!

In the meantime, I've been reading a book that has not grabbed my attention so thoroughly that I felt the need to skimp on things like sleep: James Patterson's When the Wind Blows. I figured that, since I read The Angel Experiment, I might as well read the book that inspired his Maximum Ride series. The Angel Experiment had some serious flaws, but When the Wind Blows is just plain awful: choppy, clunky writing, no real excitement (no, adding exclamation points and italicizing whole sentences does not equal excitement and suspense, Mr. Patterson), and characters who don't feel very much like real people. I wonder, if I read the two books back to back, would The Angel Experiment seem like fine literature in comparison? Anyway, I've remembered to put little sticky notes at certain spots so that I've got examples to talk about when I finally get around to writing what I'm sure will be one giant rant. It should be fun.

I've slowed down considerably on A Study in Scarlet, mainly because I own it, and therefore it has no due date. I've ground to a halt on Pattern Recognition, because it's been more than I could handle lately. Maybe once I finish When the Wind Blows I'll get into it again, in order to revive the brain cells that Patterson's book tried to kill.

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