Sunday, March 21, 2010

Too much manga at once is probably bad for you, but who cares?

The weekend's nearly over, and I've read almost half of the manga I recently bought. All I can say is wow, an "Ages 16+" rating can apparently mean just about anything.

Most of it's going to be fun to write about, but some of it's different enough from what I usually read that I'm going to have problems coming up with read-alikes. The only volume I flat-out disliked was a horribly angst-filled one-shot that seemed like a giant excuse for physically and emotionally fragile characters to splash blood and tears everywhere (Glass Wings by Misuzu Asaoka - not part of my 16+ group, by the way). A few other volumes are a bit like watching a train wreck - they inspire in me feelings of morbid fascination, prompting me to consider looking for later volumes even though I'm not entirely sure I actually like the ones I have, just because I want to know how far the author is going to take things (primarily thinking of Gakuen Prince by Jun Yuzuki). Then there's the flat-out guilty pleasure fun stuff - shallow, silly goodness, sometimes it just hits the spot, but boy am I going to feel stupid writing about it, lol (I'm not even going to mention any titles, but there were quite a few in this category).

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