Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A dream, which has nothing to do with books or DVDs

I dreamt I had a dream about scary guys with guns breaking into my apartment and stealthily cleaning my bathroom. This wasn't a good thing, because they'd apparently done something horrible in my bathroom that required cleanup afterward. I woke up (from the dream within the dream - weird, I know) and, paranoid, peeked out my windows only to see the guys from my dream sitting in a van outside my apartment. They looked very surprised to see me, and I thought, "Hah, I'll just get things over with," so I invited them in. A little girl with long, curly blond hair and a cute little girlie dress was part of their group. She scared me half to death by jumping up about 8 or 9 feet to latch onto a tree branch like a monkey or a squirrel and sliding down. To be clear, it wasn't the height she was able to jump that scared me, but rather the fact that, if the tree branch had broken, she would've fallen a long way.

So, I let the scary guys with guns into my apartment and directed them to my bathroom. They politely took a look, but, to my surprise, what they were really interested in was my stove. Actually, stoves, plural - in the dream I had two of them. They were very concerned with whether or not any of my burners were on, so I tried to show them they weren't, but even I could feel heat coming from somewhere. I realized all four burners on one of the stoves had been on for hours, so I shut them off.

Then the dream ended.

The first thing I did when I woke up was check my stove. Nothing was on. My dreams are weird.

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