Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Moribito the book, in my hands!

I have almost all of my Moribito anime post finished, and it's LONG. Sorry about that, but there was so much to write about - it's one of those shows that just grew on me. If I can write up the read-alikes section fast enough, it'd be nice to have that post published this weekend, in celebration of my having the book version in my hands. When I heard that the anime was based on a book, I figured I couldn't possibly be so lucky as to find that it had been translated into English. Not only was I so lucky, I was also able to get the book only a day after making my ILL request.

So, I'm eating a slice of chocolate pie (I've added pie to the list of baked goods I can now make, although I still wimp out and buy pre-made crusts), staring at the book, and grinning like an idiot. Despite an evening that included three public printers simultaneously having problems (including one that took me 30 minutes to fix, with people asking, "Are you going to fix that?" every few minutes), weird error messages, and more reference questions at one time than I've had to answer in weeks, I still feel like it's been a good day. It's amazing what a book and some pie can do.

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