Thursday, May 22, 2008

Welcome and hello

This blog was actually born out of a desire to make my original blog, A Library Girl's Outlet, less strange. I've had my MLS (Master of Library Science) degree for a little over a year, and I have yet to land a job as an actual librarian. Instead, I work part-time in a library doing the kind of things conscientious, decently trained student workers could do, and in a few months I'll be completely unemployed. My original blog was set up so that I'd have an outlet for some of the panic, frustration, anger and sadness I feel during my job search, as well as a place where I could post some of the "professional development"-like research I occasionally do. I found myself writing a lot of posts that described, reviewed, and/or pondered the stuff I read for entertainment. It was messing up my labels list, so I decided to move all that kind of stuff over here. Anything that's significantly about books, manga, anime, or movies that I've read or watched for fun is going to go over here, even non-fiction. A post about a popular book about working in a library (like Quiet Please!) would go here, while a post about a book of scholarly articles about library-related topics would go in my other blog. Also, posts about books I read to help me with my job search will go over in the other blog. There might still be overlap, but we'll see.

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