Friday, May 23, 2008

Finalized (hopefully) labels structure

I think I've finally decided how I'm going to do the labels for this blog. There will be four different types of labels.
  1. Authors - each author mentioned in a way I deem substantial (their book is being reviewed, their book provides an example for discussion that I go into in detail, their book is a read-alike for another book) will get a label. Manga authors and artists will also each get labels. I won't be giving directors labels. The format will be: last name (first middle)
  2. Formats - Each format type (audiobook, anime, books, manga, movies, TV series, OVA) will get a label, and some of them will overlap. For example, some anime may also be considered movies, TV series, or OVAs (Original Video Animation, for something that was released directly to video or DVD). An audiobook is also a book, unless, for some strange and unusual reason, my post only makes mention of the purely audio aspects of the book, rather than things that apply to the book itself as well.
  3. Manga, anime, TV show and movie titles - Although manga authors will also be listed, manga titles will be given labels as well. Most anime that are based on manga have the same title as the original manga. I won't be making labels that make distinctions between the manga and anime, unless the titles for the two are vastly different. I'm still trying to decide how I'll handle titles beginning with "A", "The" or other articles. I think I'll do something like, Wings of Honneamise (The).
  4. "Blog updates" - This label will be used for all posts like this one, that boringly talk about what I'm doing (or not doing) with this blog.
What kind of labels have I decided I won't do?
  1. I already mentioned I won't be creating labels for directors unless I'm actually told by someone that this would be helpful (or unless I change my mind again). A lot of people are involved in the making of anime, movies, etc., and I don't want to have to create a label for each and every one. Directors aren't the only people affecting the look of the movie or show.
  2. I won't have any labels for genres. For some works, I have a really hard time deciding what genre they're in. I'd just end up listing a bunch, and they might not even be the right genres. I'd really rather not. If you know you like the romance of Nora Roberts, click on her label and see what comes up - it'll probably be more romance, but there might be other stuff you might like. You can always try searching "romance" or whatever, as well, since I may still talk about genres, even if I don't feel comfortable assigning them as labels. I also decided adding labels for genres wouldn't work, because some of my posts will be discussions about topics found in some of the stuff I read and watch - do I really want to have to assign genres when I do stuff like that, or remember not to assign genres for those kinds of posts? No.
  3. I won't have any labels for subjects. I started doing that, and it looks like it's going to be crazy. In most cases, the subjects I created labels for are actually mentioned in the posts, so if you really want to search that way, use the search box. There just isn't enough overlap between subjects, and I'd easily end up with hundreds or thousands of them that only have only been assigned to one or two posts. If you want to do searches by subjects, go to a library catalog or to NoveList (my absolute favorite "what should I read next?" site - check if your library subscribes to this).

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