Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Amazon Associates

I'm thinking of joining the Amazon.com Associates program. From the look of things, it wouldn't cost me anything and it would add extra functionality to this blog. Because this blog focuses on books, anime, and manga, things that could be bought through Amazon.com, it would be well-suited to this program. Also, despite the fact that the number of visitors I get to either of my blogs is very low, this would at least give me the chance to earn some money with this blog. Every little bit helps when you're unemployed, after all.

I do have a few concerns, though:
  • Is this sort of thing even allowed on Blogger? I don't know, although I've seen at least one Blogger blog that uses Associates links. I plan on looking through the user agreements just to make sure.
  • Would I be selling out? Even if I haven't managed to get employed as one, I'm a librarian at heart. If you find something that interests you in this blog, I think you should leave your bank account alone and go visit your local library. However, although I'm a big library user, I do buy books. I can't add a link to everyone's public library catalogs, but I can add links to Amazon.com. Also, being unemployed, I don't think this question is one I should even have to consider.
  • What if the item would be cheaper elsewhere? I've bought lots of stuff on Amazon.com, but there are some things that I feel are almost guaranteed to be cheaper elsewhere. For instance, if I know I'm going to be buying at least $50 worth of anime or manga (something that won't be happening for a long time, depending on how my job search goes), I prefer to shop at Rightstuf.com. Because they focus on anime, manga, and related products, they have better deals than Amazon.com. However, I don't think that site has its own Associates-like program.
  • What about my Anime News Network links? So far, I think all of my anime and manga links are to Anime News Network pages. If I join the Associates program, should I replace those links with Amazon.com links? I know I'd be tempted to, but the Anime News Network pages provide much more information (like how long the series is, who was involved in it, etc.). Amazon.com pages are great for single books, but when it comes to anime and manga I'm usually recommending an entire series, beginning with volume 1. I feel like my links should lead to information about the entire series, not just the first volume of that series.

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