Friday, May 30, 2008

Plans for this blog

I've got a few plans for this blog - I don't know when I'll be implementing them, but it'll all happen sometime (unless I discover that I'm too technologically inept to make them happen).
  1. If I decide to keep this template, I want to change it so that it's got three columns. The rightmost column would have my huge list of labels, the leftmost column would have all my other widgets, and the middle column would have my posts.
  2. I'd like to try out a bit of code I saw on another blog, that would turn my giant list of labels into a drop down menu. If I like how this looks, Plan #1 might not be necessary.
  3. On yet another blog, I read about some coding work that someone did which creates a Table of Contents - besides having all my posts chronologically available in my archives, a table of contents would make them alphabetically available. This would be nice, especially if I ever get around to writing posts about directors, certain themes in anime and manga, etc.
  4. Not too long ago, I noticed that when I have numbered lists using this template, the little pink arrows or whatever are still there - I'd like to figure out how to make that go away in numbered lists.
I like this template, because it's pretty, pink, and text is still readable on the background color, but there's just a few things about it that I'd like to figure out how to fix, if I can.

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