Saturday, May 24, 2008

Labels - Manga authors

I'm thinking of deleting all the manga author labels. If there's a manga author label, there's a corresponding manga/anime title label, and the title label is more likely to include everything than the author label. Also, I'm not really sure if manga readers are more likely to identify works by author or by title, although I'm thinking that "by title" is a good possibility. Getting rid of the manga author labels would considerably shrink my list, but I originally decided to include them because those labels would provide access to all their works. Still, the title labels provide access to both manga and anime posts, whereas the author labels just provide access to posts specifically referring to manga. Gah, I'm going in circles.

Well, maybe I'll let it go for a month or so, and then see what I should do. True, after a month it's going to take more work to get rid of all of those labels, but I think it's easier to get rid of them, even if there are a lot of them, than it is to put them back if I decide I want to keep them.

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