Monday, May 26, 2008

More on manga author/artist labels

I know it's only been a couple days, and I said I'd wait a month, but I'm getting closer and closer to deciding to just scrap the manga authors and artists labels. They clutter things up a great deal and there aren't that many manga authors I've read where I've read more than one or two of their works. CLAMP is probably one of the biggest exceptions, mainly because they're incredibly prolific. What I might do, instead of having the manga author and artist labels, is occasionally write posts that focus on specific authors and artists and the works by them that I have experience with. For instance, instead of having a label for Takeshi Obata, as well as title labels for Hikaru no Go and Death Note, I could just have the title labels. Then, once I'd written the post for Obata, that post would use the Hikaru no Go and Death Note labels, linking them together anyway.

For novels, I'd still want author labels, but not title labels. I usually read many books by one author, and there are many titles out there that are similar or the same, so it would be better and more efficient to just have the author labels - if Blogger allowed for collapsible hierarchies, I could do both, but it doesn't, so I'll need to do the next best thing.

I'm still not sure what I'd do if I were dealing with graphic novels, like one of the Sandman books, or a Superman collection, or one of the Flight anthologies. I might decide to ignore those altogether, since it's not like I read many. Manga are my main graphic reading materials, and that's how it's been for several years.

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