Sunday, November 27, 2022

REVIEW: Office Space (live action movie)

Office Space is a 1999 workplace comedy. I bought my copy new.


Peter is a frustrated and unmotivated employee at Initech. His work friends feel the same way, but they all just keep putting up with their jobs because what else can they do? They still have bills to pay.

Peter's girlfriend (who is almost certainly cheating on him) suggests that he agree to see an occupational hypnotherapist. He goes along with it, but the hypnotherapist dies before the session is finish. Peter is stuck in a state of relaxation, and he's never felt better. His girlfriend breaks up with him, which leaves him free to ask out the waitress he's had a crush on for ages. He pretty much stops going to work, and instead of causing him problems, this somehow makes him look like management material. But that tremendous amount of chill can't last forever, and actions still have consequences. Maybe.

This was a rewatch, but the last time I saw this was so long ago that I'd forgotten most of it. I don't think I was an employed adult at the time, and I have a feeling I appreciated it a lot more now that I, too, have years of experience with a quirky printer and specific office supply protectiveness.

The last role I recall seeing Gary Cole in was the captain in Crusade, so it was extra weird seeing him as limp and nonconfrontational Bill Lumbergh. Apparently those roles happened in the same year. 

Milton was, of course, fabulous - I'd forgotten just how hilariously downtrodden the guy was. The paycheck revelation and final office move were perfect. And Tom was painfully believable as the long-timer who found his truly horrifying silver lining.

All in all, a fabulous workplace comedy. My only complaint is the way it put blue-collar work on a pedestal. Work is work, and all jobs have aspects that can make employees wish they didn't have to come in today.


"Out of the office" retrospective with writer/director Mike Judge, plus 8 deleted scenes.

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