Sunday, November 6, 2022

REVIEW: Black Friday (live action movie)

Black Friday is a 2021 horror comedy. I bought my copy new.


Ken, Chris, Marnie, Brian, Archie, Ruth, Emmett, Anita, and Bircher are all employees at We Love Toys who have to work on Thanksgiving. For Ken, that means missing Thanksgiving dinner with his daughters, who he dropped off at their mother's house. 

What none of the employees initially realize is that a parasitic organism has landed on Earth and begun taking over people, including shoppers waiting to get into We Love Toys for Black Friday. The first employee to be attacked is Chris. The store manager, Jonathan, and Chris's coworkers think he went nuts and attacked an innocent person, but it isn't long before they realize that there's something really horrible going on.

Another one of my bargain bin finds, which I picked up primarily because I saw Bruce Campbell's name on the box. This was a quality bad movie. There was a good deal of gore, but it wasn't very realistically done and was therefore still watchable and enjoyable for me. Also, this was one of those "nice" horror movies that allowed most of its more decent characters to survive. There was only one death that I wish hadn't happened, but I suppose if the competent character had lived longer, their competence might have cut the rest of the movie short.

The universe still hasn't provided me with a movie/TV adaptation of Horrorstör, so it's nice to see something like this fill the gap. I don't know why retail/Big Box store horror isn't more of a thing, because it works so well. And I'm honestly kind of surprised that none of the employees attacked Jonathan after they found out the truth about their holiday bonuses (and the rest of it).

The absolute best ridiculous retail horror moment was when Brian attempted to deescalate things with the Shopperzilla. Yes, techniques for dealing with angry customers will definitely work on the giant monster.

No, it's not a great movie, or even a good one. Sometimes I'm in the mood for a bad movie, though, and this was a reasonably fun and watchable one.

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