Saturday, September 11, 2010

Satoshi Kon, 10/12/1963 - 8/24/2010

I was browsing various anime titles on Anime News Network when I glanced at the right hand side of the page and saw that there was an article on Satoshi Kon's works. I love his stuff, so I figured I'd check the article out. Glancing at the brief description, I saw "In our final look back at the incredible filmography of Satoshi Kon, Mike Toole plugs in his DC Mini and explores the impulsive, vibrant and harrowing world of Paprika."

"In our final look back"? Well crap.

I was hoping it was just a badly worded description, but, as it turns out, Satoshi Kon died of pancreatic cancer last month. No, I didn't know him, but I knew the works he directed. I rarely seek movies and shows out because they're directed by a specific person, but I sought his stuff out. Every last bit of it is weird and incredible.

I can't even think about what else to write. I can't believe he was only 46.

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