Tuesday, September 28, 2010

That's all for now!

I think time went a little funny the closer it got to my vacation, because "more than enough time" turned into "how am I going to get everything done in time?" So, yesterday was the last of my posts until I'm back from vacation. And maybe until later than that - I'll be getting one (maybe two?) kittens as soon as I get back, so the adjustment period might take up my time a bit.

As always, we'll see. I do have some partially finished posts, but I'm too busy admiring my new (and first!) niece to do anything about them. :)


  1. Have fun on vacation and . . . kittens!! So exciting! I hope you get 2.

  2. From the sounds of things, 2 is now definitely 1 - the other kitten ran off before the person who originally found him could get home and try to take him inside. Ah well, I'll have the one kitten soon (tomorrow!). She's a friendly little thing, so maybe she'd adjust well to another kitty sometime in the future.