Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Scary lightning

I had planned on finishing up today's post over the next hour or so, but we've got quite a storm going on right now - all that lightning worries me. I'll try to have my post up sometime tomorrow. It'll probably be something about the first volume of Blank Slate, but it might be a post about the second season of Emma: A Victorian Romance. Both posts are equally finished, so who knows. On the plus side, putting this off a little longer gives me more time to get over my massive headache - I've had a new pair of glasses for the past few days, and the most recent frame adjustment was a horrible step in the wrong direction.


  1. I had to return a set of glasses and go back to my old prescription, once. Strange how that happens, but glasses shouldn't make you miserable. They should make you see better! Hope you get that fixed and the storm passes quickly.

  2. My new prescription seems to be working out - I'd just get new lenses put in my old frames if I weren't afraid that the frames would fall apart (they're 7+ years old). With the newest adjustment, I'm just aching, so maybe the frames are close now. Oh, I hope so.

    Thanks for the comment!