Monday, June 29, 2009

More adventures in food

A few days ago, I cataloged a book of recipes from the 1920s and '30s. While flipping through it, I found a recipe for something called "Butter Pie." Not "Buttermilk Pie," but "Butter Pie." Eww, I thought, but I was also kind of curious, so I wrote it down. Yesterday, I made that pie, and "eww" was right. It was so runny when it came out of the oven that I didn't think it would ever become pie-like - actually, I ended up putting it back in for an additional 15 minutes, done in 5-minute increments. The end result is a very thin, overly sweet pie with a texture I try not to think too hard about. I don't plan on making this again, although I found a variation of this recipe I may try sometime in the future, when I'm feeling a little braver.

As far as bread machine stuff goes, I tried out a new recipe that uses the Dough setting. The recipe calls for the dough to be cut into pieces, rolled into circles, filled with spicy meat, bean, and onion filling, pinched shut, and baked. The end result is pretty little rolls with yummy filling. My pie may have been a disaster, but this turned out awesome. It's a lot of work, but three of these things make a nice meal, and the medium-sized recipe makes 18 of them. I've frozen the rest of them for those days when I come home too tired to even cook a pot of oatmeal.

Another yummy recipe using the Dough setting is something the recipe book called a "Bavarian coffee cake." It's incredibly easy and only uses a few ingredients. The end result is a very yummy cake that, in my opinion, only gets better when it's reheated. It tastes a lot like a cinnamon roll.


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    i see you like rats...and not buttermilk pie! haha!


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  2. Yeah, butter pie sounds pretty revolting. :-) Please tell me there were other ingredients?

  3. Butter pie, that is SO weird!

    I love the sound of your little rolls, though. It's the kind of thing you could take anywhere for a great lunch.

    I used to have a bread machine, and wow, I loved it. I had these longish french bread pans and I'd bake French bread in them in the oven next to a pyrex dish of water, and it was the best French bread ever. Okay, seriously hungry now.

  4. Megan: The Butter Pie would more accurately be called the Milk and Sugar Pie, since that's what it's mostly made of. There's only a tablespoon or so of butter in it, plus and egg and a bit of flour, which I'm guessing are the thickening agents. Strangely, the pie started to taste better to me as time went on. Maybe my taste buds are committing suicide...

    CJ: Yep, the rolls are great. I haven't taken them with me for lunch, since I'm afraid I'll spoil myself, lol, but they make me look forward to dinner. I absolutely LOVE my bread machine. I probably wouldn't use it as much if I had to keep it in my kitchen, since it would eat up my small amount of remaining counter space, but I keep it in my dining room instead, so problem solved. There aren't a lot of recipes I do more than once, since part of the fun for me is trying out new recipes. I'm going to have to look for a new recipe book soon - I'm running out of new ones to try.

  5. Maya: If, by any chance, you come back to read this comment, you have lovely rats, but I think something in your template might be breaking the "post a comment" part of your blog - I've tried it with both Firefox and IE, and the comments form won't open with either.