Friday, February 13, 2009

Smith's Vampire Diaries -- TV series?!

"The CW has picked up a pilot based on L.J. Smith's 'Vampire Diaries' series of books, reports Variety." -- 2/9/09,

I went looking for this article, or something like it, after flipping through some pictures on AOL Television and reading this:
"Robert Pattinson, beware: The CW is planning to air a vampire series of its own. The new pilot is titled 'Vampire Diaries,' and is about a woman who can't decide between vampire brothers, according to Variety. 'Diaries' will be co-written by Kevin Williamson of 'Dawson's Creek' fame. (Feb 6)"
Although Pattinson played a vampire in a movie based on Twilight, a popular YA vampire romance novel, this snippet doesn't bother to mention that the pilot is also based on a series of YA vampire romance novels. However, the title, plus the whole "can't decide between vampire brothers" bit, makes it pretty obvious - as a teen, I was a huge fan of Smith's books, and I still enjoy them. I hope the show does well and that it turns up somewhere online where I can watch it. Still, my cynical side says this is going to be awful. I do hope that the series at least gives Smith's books some more attention - her books have their faults (I can hardly stand some of her heroines now that I'm older, and the Vampire Diaries' Elena is one of those heroines I don't particularly like), but I still think they deserve at least as much attention as the Twilight books, if not more.

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  1. Ah vampire romance..sweeping the world it seems. Informative post, I've never heard of L.J Smith before.