Saturday, February 28, 2009

Food lessons learned

This has absolutely nothing to do with the blog, although I suppose you could consider some of it related to an earlier blog post I wrote about muffin-making and recipe books. Today I learned several new food lessons:
  1. Two cups of uncooked brown rice makes WAY too much cooked rice for one person. Here's hoping that I can finish the left-overs before it goes funky.
  2. "Jam Surprise" muffins - The surprise is that all the jam will melt and run out of the sides of the muffin tins, leaving very little of it actually inside the muffins. However, I made the darn things, and I still plan on eating them.
  3. My muffin pan can more than survive baked-on jam. Soap, water, and lots of scrubbing, and it looks good as new.


  1. Here's some easy ideas for leftover rice:

    I especially like the rice pudding idea: just mix it with yogurt and fruit

  2. Thanks for the info - turns out I might not need it this time around, though! I've discovered that brown rice (which I don't think I've ever had before) tastes really yummy, even plain. I mixed it with some kidney beans - very nice.