Monday, April 18, 2011

More painful Tokyopop-related news

Right Stuf & Nozomi Entertainment posted this on Facebook today, approximately 4 hours ago:
"Last week, TOKYOPOP announced its North American publishing division will shut down, effective May 31, 2011. We have since confirmed that titles scheduled for release after May 4 have been canceled, and we are removing them from pre-order on,  until additional information is provided. (This will have the effect of canceling customer orders for these books.) Again, as far as we are aware, our supply of and access to most of TOKYOPOP's previously published titles has not been affected by the recent announcements."
 Although I suspected this might happen, there were a few things I tried ordering anyway. I've finished up ordering everything I'm willing and able to order, and the result is going to be a few series in my collection that will still have holes and a few series where I will likely never find out how they end. The holes can be remedied, but it will take time, effort, and/or a lot of money, so I'm not sure it's ever going to happen - I'm not a great OOP shopper. As far as the lack of endings go...that's particularly painful, since Tokyopop was so close to finishing up some titles.

UPDATE (4/21/11):

So far, my least stressful option for buying Tokyopop volumes that aren't yet out of print has turned out to be Amazon. In an attempt to get my money to go a bit further, I ordered as many volumes as I could from Right Stuf, making sure that almost all of them said "In stock and available." I think I only ordered 2 that said "we'll get it for you!", and only because they would have cost me $70+ to get them via Amazon or another method - I wasn't counting on getting those, but I figured I'd try.

By the time my order was processed, several of those volumes that used to be "in stock and available" had gone out of stock at Right Stuf. I'm now trying to decide whether I should bite the bullet and pay more to get them from somewhere else (if that's even possible for less than $20, which is the most I'd grudgingly be willing to pay for a single volume), or continue to wait. Of the volumes that I'm currently waiting on, most are from Future Diary (a series I decided I'd just flat-out buy, but which I don't technically know if I'll enjoy) and one is a standalone. I suppose I could just take a peek at the prices, without actually buying anything, but I'm kind of afraid to look.

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