Sunday, April 24, 2011


This is the second night in a row I've had dreams I remembered when I woke up. In this one, I went to a small shop I could only get to via a long walkway. The shop looked like the sort that sells jewelry, only instead of jewelry in the display cases there were crispy slices of cooked bacon. I was apparently a regular at this shop, so, to show his appreciation, the shop owner gave me a single slice of bacon. I took it like it was a precious gift.

I'm really not sure what brought this dream on.

Anyway, switching gears, although I managed to write 3 posts in the past week I still have to write about 1 anime series, 2 books, 1 manga, and possibly 1 short story, so I'm still behind. My Hulu queue is going through another round of expirations, so I'm trying to finish up Spice & Wolf II (I highly recommend this series) and Soul Eater (Death the Kid is my favorite).

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