Sunday, April 17, 2011

ARCs are awesome

I am now in possession of 21 ARCs (advanced reader's copies - uncorrected proofs of books that will be published in the near future). Okay, so I'm already behind on my post writing, and my TBR pile is basically a mountain, but I'm still thrilled to have all of these. Almost all of them are YA fiction, and two of them are graphic novels. My plan is to read them all before they come out, or at least within the same month they come out, and have posts scheduled to publish close to their release dates. We'll see how that goes - when I arranged all the books in order of publication date, I realized that six of them are being released next month. The one I'm reading right now, Abandon by Meg Cabot (one of the few authors in my ARC pile whose name I actually recognize), is scheduled to be released in less than 2 weeks. I also have a small stack of ILL books to get through.

Of all the possible problems to have, having too many books to read in a short period of time is not really all that bad.

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  1. Didn't pick up too many ARCs this time around, and most of what I did pick up went straight to my niece and nephews (ages 14, 13, and 17). I only picked up five to read myself (and two of those get passed on to my niece if she's interested). I WISH I had thought to ask Random House for an ARC of Lisa See's "Dreams of Joy" - I want to read that so badly!

    I bought three hardbound picture books for a total of $11 and one hardbound YA novel (Finding Family by Tonya Bolden, who autographed it to TSU students) for $5, all of which you will see cross your cataloging desk! I also picked up a paperback graphic novel about Anne Frank. Normally I don't like to add paperbacks to the collection, but as so many graphic novels only come in that format, this one will be.

    If you got anything that isn't an ARC that you don't want (or don't want to give to a friend or family) that would be suitable for downstairs, let me know!