Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last post of the year

I couldn't resist doing this. It's been an interesting year - I've had long periods of boredom, with short periods of frenzied activity and hope, which all finally came to a head when I got my first full-time job. I'm unbelievably happy that I'm no longer in the pit of despair that is post-graduation joblessness (or joblessness in general, I guess). I'm unhappy about my plague of bad luck - multiple car troubles, the death of two pets, etc. Still, it's nice to know that I'll actually be doing something in the coming new year, even if it's only a lot of copy cataloging. Anything is better than sitting at home, trying to force myself to finish more job applications and wondering how many of them will result in immediate rejections.

I won't say what my personal New Year's resolution is, but my work-related resolution is to get more cataloging done. I get so caught up in catalog maintenance work that I don't do as much actual cataloging as I should. Usually, I tell myself I'll do an hour of maintenance work in the morning and then move on to cataloging - that hour often turns into 3, which messes with my schedule even more if my supervisor brings in some surprise original cataloging. Every day, I'm going to try to get at least 20 books done before I even consider doing maintenance work.

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