Monday, December 15, 2008

Original cataloging fun

There are some days when I feel a little more like a professional cataloger than others. One such day was when I spent two days creating original records for some North Korean DVDs. I assigned subject headings and call numbers, and I read about the ethics of using the word "propaganda" (as description and/or genre, rather than as a subject) in bibliographic records. It was draining, but fun (and it totally messed up my copy cataloging schedule for the week).

Today was a similar day. I spent the entire day creating original records for chapbooks donated by a professor, who was also the person who wrote/produced them. Part of his requirements were that they all be shelved together. I came up with different options, none of which both followed the professor's requirements and followed LC classification rules. I had the same issue when it came to deciding whether to add or not add the same series title to all the records. It took a while, but I finally settled on what I'd do and passed it by my supervisor. Only 5 more chapbooks (and a couple stapled sheets) to go!

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