Saturday, December 27, 2008

Unlucky with cars...

I seem to be having the worst car luck since I moved. Within days of getting here, my car got rear-ended. Now, I finish up with my grocery shopping only to discover that someone hit my car's front passenger door with either a shopping cart or their car. There's a great big dent, although the door thankfully still works. I've talked to my insurance company. Now my biggest worry is that I'll have to pay the deductible, which will make my already laughable savings almost non-existent. Also, I'm worried about what this might do to my insurance premiums. My car is only 3 months old!!!

The people around here that I've talked to about public transportation say they don't mind not having any because of how costly and inconvenient it is. Well, so far I'd have to say that owning a car has been more costly and inconvenient than public transportation has ever been for me, even when I wasn't living in an area with a stellar public transportation system. If I could, if it were feasible, I'd sell my car before it got banged into something completely worthless and go back to using buses.

It's probably a good thing I live alone - I'm not good company right now. Christmas was depressing, I miss my family, and now there's this. I hope things go quickly enough that I won't need a rental car - with my luck, that would get hit by something, too.

Well anyway, this is supposed to be my holiday time (ha ha). I had planned to finish lots of blog posts, but in reality I've only manged to finish a handful. I've got another week of holiday time, so maybe I'll manage to finish more. I think I'll go numb my brain with some DVDs for a while.

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