Monday, November 24, 2008

A source of cheap-ish manga

Today I discovered that the largest entertainment store in my new home town sells used anime and manga. Their anime prices usually aren't that great - I could get cheaper anime, brand-new, online, even considering the cost of shipping - but their used manga are pretty nicely priced. Unfortunately, the selection is limited. As far as I can tell, the store doesn't sell any new manga, although maybe I'll be able to find an employee to ask and confirm this the next time I'm there.

I either already owned or didn't really want most of their used manga. However, I didn't walk away from the store empty-handed (and I certainly spent more than I should have ^^;). Here's a list of what I ended up getting:
  • The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross, vol. 2 (Yay!)
  • Death Note, the first live action movie (I have no idea if this is even any good, but I loved the manga and liked the anime, so I thought I'd give this a try)
  • Tactics, the complete series (I've seen fansubs of the first five or so episodes, and I've watched almost all of the dubbed version on the Sci-fi Channel - now I finally get to see how it ends)
As usual, my buying leaned heavily towards DVDs. Since I now own this stuff, in theory I'll eventually be writing posts for it all. We'll see how it goes.

While I'm learning to love this store, I spend way too much money when I'm there, so I'm going to have to limit my visits to once a month or so. I have so little willpower when it comes to anime and manga...

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