Friday, November 28, 2008

A day off at the movies

I had today off, and it was grand. I woke up really early and did a little bit of shopping. My Black Friday store of choice was Wal-Mart, because I was too lazy and tired to go anywhere else - I'd have to go to another town to shop at many of the stores I used to enjoy, and I think the nearest mall is about 2 hours away. I could only stand to be in Wal-Mart for about an hour before all the people got to me. The cashier I spoke to was extremely nice, though, and nothing seemed to faze her.

In the afternoon, I went to see Twilight. No, I'm no longer a squealing teenage girl, but it's going to be a while, if ever, before my inner teenage girl goes away. I enjoyed the movie - I think I might actually like it better than the book, although I've got gripes about both. I suppose I should get around to finishing my blog entry for Twilight the book, but, since it's not done yet, I'll just say that my biggest gripe about it is Stephenie Meyer's writing style. What teenage girl thinks and speaks the way Meyer has written Bella thinking and speaking?! With the movie, I only had to put up with that during Bella's voice-overs - I thought Kristen Stewart (Bella) did an excellent job of making Bella's dialogue sound reasonably realistic. I also found that I liked Bella better when I didn't have to hear what she was thinking all the time. All that "the guys in Forks are practically falling over themselves for me and I can't fathom why" thinking in the book really got on my nerves.

With the movie, my main complaints were that most of the Cullen family looked fake (although maybe they were made to look that way on purpose, in an attempt to make them look perfect?) and that Robert Pattinson (Edward) is really bad at snarling and looking scary. If you've read the book and worried about whether the filmmakers would change things drastically in the movie, I think you can relax. Scenes and lines were left out, and a few minor (in my opinion) details were changed, but otherwise this was an amazingly faithful adaptation. One thing that surprised me: I don't think I've ever seen a movie with this many intensely awkward moments before. Stewart does uncomfortable well.

Well, I don't consider this my "official" blog post about the Twilight movie, so I don't feel particularly compelled to write much about it (or to list read-alikes/watch-alikes). I enjoyed the movie enough that I think I'll eventually be getting it once it comes out on DVD - I can write the blog entry then.

I really should get around to finishing more blog posts. Unfortunately, I've also got to work on writing up my job qualifications. I really hate that form.

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