Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Trying to achieve a regular publication frequency

I'm hoping to eventually get this blog to the point where it publishes on a regular frequency. I originally tried to publish one post a day, which worked well for a while, but fell apart at the slightest complication to my schedule. I'm now attempting an "every other day" publication frequency - I'm hoping this will work out a little better, with fewer interruptions, but we'll see. While I enjoy writing posts for this blog, I've got other things that are more important for me to work on, so this blog isn't exactly my highest priority. However, I hope to one day have a few hundred posts on a variety of different titles and books. Once I manage to get a job that gives me a steady and sufficient income, I'd like to take control of my blog posts and host them somewhere on my own, so that there isn't the chance that Blogger/Google might decide to delete all the work I've done - I might have to switch to different blogging software at that point, but I'd be willing to do that if necessary.

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