Friday, July 4, 2008

Vampire Kisses series by Ellen Schreiber

This series focuses on the adventures of Raven Madison, the only Goth in the small town she calls Dullsville. She's got an odd sort of love/hate relationship going on with one of her school's jocks, her only friend is a girl named Becky who's nice but not Goth, and her family doesn't understand her. Then one day someone moves into the old abandoned mansion in Dullsville, and all Raven's wishes come true, because the new guy, Alexander, is hot, dresses in black just like her, and may be a vampire.

Every book in this series is short, under 200 pages (or at least not much over 200 pages), and probably won't be too daunting for those who don't generally enjoy reading. Readers who like vampires, a smidgen of romance, and adventure of the sneaking-around and clue-finding sort might like this series. Some readers may identify with Raven, who doesn't really feel like she fits in anywhere in her small town - don't worry, though, Raven may dress in black, but she's not the moping sort. She's energetic, determined, and curious, and she loves all things dark and creepy. Raven and Alexander occasionally end up in danger, but things always work out all right in the end.

If you'd like specifics about the storylines of each book and what I thought each book's strengths and weaknesses were, you'll have to click on the links below to get to the original posts I published.

I'm not going to mark down which of these read-alikes and watch-alikes apply to the series as a whole, since I think they all apply. If you're curious about specific information for these books, manga, and shows, click on the links - they'll take you to the posts I wrote for each of Ellen Schreiber's books. At the end of each of these posts are the read-alike/watch-alike lists, with more information about the recommendations and why I chose them.

Book 3 - Vampireville
  • Got Fangs? (book) by Katie Maxwell
  • Chibi Vampire (manga) by Yuna Kagesaki
  • Daughters of Darkness (book) by L.J. Smith
  • Secret Vampire (book) by L.J. Smith

Book 4 - Dance With a Vampire

  • Daughters of Darkness (book) by L.J. Smith
  • Got Fangs? (book) by Katie Maxwell
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer (live action TV series)
  • The Wallflower (manga) by Tomoko Hayakawa

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