Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Series-level posts

I have this idea. There are quite a few books I've written about that are part of a series, although I think there's only one series, so far, where I've written entire posts about more than one book in the series (Ellen Schreiber and her books about Raven and Alexander). I can anticipate that there will be several other series where I'll be writing about more than one book. I want to make sure to write posts about specific books, rather than just about a series as a whole, because some series (not sure if "series" is both a plural and singular form, but I'm assuming it is) can change pretty drastically in tone/content depending on which book you're reading. Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake series is a good example - the earlier books are paranormal mysteries with a bit of sexual tension to spice things up, while the later books are paranormal erotica. Also, if I'm just starting a series, I might not know enough about what the series as a whole is like to write a good series-level post.

So, I mainly write about and list read-alikes and watch-alikes for specific books. My idea, however, is that, when I realize I've written about more than one book in a series (entire posts, not just bullet points in a read-alike or watch-alike list), then I can write a series-level post. Whenever I add something new to this series-level post, I can change the date on the post so that it sorts to the top of my blog - I tried this out in my test blog, and it seems to work okay. The series-level post would have links to the posts I've written about books within the series and would list the read-alikes/watch-alikes I've chosen for each book and which of these read-alikes/watch-alikes apply to the series as a whole, and not just to a specific book in the series. Sound good? Well, I'll try it with the two Ellen Schreiber books and see how it goes. That post probably won't turn up for a few days - I'm having a bit of a rough time in real life and need some time to recover. I've still got a few posts that are scheduled to be published over the next couple days, so this blog will continue to be updated regularly for at least a little while longer, even without my involvement.

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