Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Read-alikes I haven't read

I have a few posts in the draft stage that may never get posted if I don't change how I'm doing things with this blog. So far, I've been doing my best to only list as read-alikes those books that I've already read. If I can't manage that, then I try to suggest books by authors I've read, even if I haven't read those particular books. I think there's only been one book so far that I listed as a read-alike for something despite not having read the book or anything else by that author.

I'm still going to try to stick to suggesting books/movies/etc. that I've read or seen already. However, since I'd like to get some of these posts out of the draft stage and actually published, I'm going to loosen up a bit and start listing read-alikes that I've researched but not necessarily read. I'll more than likely only be doing this for books/movies that aren't what I usually read or watch.

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