Friday, June 6, 2008


Besides the whole objectivity thing, another thing I'm also trying to work on is spoilers. When I write a post specifically about a particular book or movie, I usually write with the assumption that whoever's reading the whole post has probably read or seen whatever it is I'm writing about. However, since this isn't necessarily the case and since my labels will take you to any post where that author or title is mentioned in a significant way, I'm trying to keep my spoilers to a minimum, and I'm trying to make sure that whatever I reveal isn't too major (maybe something that comes up during the book, but nothing that gives away the ending). I know I haven't always been too good about that, especially in my earliest posts, so if anybody comes across anything that you feel might be too major a spoiler, let me know and I'll see if I can edit it out or make it more vague.

As for spoilers in any comments I might get or comments I might write for certain posts, visitors to this blog are on their own - I'm not editing out any spoilers there, sorry.

By the way, there's more book posts on the way - I've got two Nora Roberts posts, one Patricia Briggs, and a Tamora Pierce post currently unfinished and saved as drafts. I don't know if they'll be showing up at the top of my blog, since I've had some recent problems with Blogger's scheduled posting feature and I haven't decided if I'm going to use it yet.

I've got lots more books on my floor, waiting to be read - I won't tell you what they are, since there's no guarantee when or if I'll get around to them, but I will tell you I've got some romance, several mysteries, some manga, several popular non-fiction books, young adult, and fantasy. It's a good mix.

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