Stuff I'm Looking Forward to in 2019

I decided that I needed a list of dates to look forward to in 2019, for those times when I need a mood booster and the future looks particularly bleak. So, here it is. It isn't intended to be a comprehensive list of everything awesome coming out in 2019, just a list of things I, personally, am looking forward to.

  1. The Raven Tower by Ann Leckie, release date February 26, 2019 - I've pre-ordered this.
  2. Today I Am Carey by Martin L. Shoemaker, release date March 5, 2019 (caretaking robot developed to help Alzheimer's patients develops conscious awareness) 
  3. Total Eclipse of the Eternal Heart by Syundei, release date March 19, 2019 (manga by the author of Go For It, Nakamura!) - I've pre-ordered this.
  4. A Prince on Paper by Alyssa Cole, release date April 30, 2019
  5. Emma: A Victorian Romance Seasons 1 & 2 English dub, plus exclusive artbook, Kickstarter expected shipping date May 2019
  6. There's Something About Sweetie by Sandhya Menon, release date May 14, 2019
  7. Avatar: The Rise of Kyoshi by F.C. Yee (Avatar: The Last Airbender YA novel!), release date July 16, 2019 
  8.  My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! Volume 1 (a light novel that I'm pretty sure is written by a female author), paperback release date August 6, 2019 (the e-book version is already out but has DRM, so I'm not buying it)
  9. Yuri!!! on Ice movie, Ice Adolescence, coming out in Japan sometime in 2019 (although who knows when the English language release will happen) 
  10. Chihayafuru Season 3, airing in Japan sometime in 2019 (I still need to watch Season 2, but I'm going to look forward to Season 3 anyway)

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