Tuesday, February 21, 2023

REVIEW: Dr. Stone (manga, vol. 2) story by Riichiro Inagaki, art by Boichi, translated by Caleb Cook

Dr. Stone is a post-apocalyptic series. I checked my copy out from the library.


Senku manages to make gun powder and, in the process, finds evidence that there may be other humans besides himself, Tsukasa, Taiju, and Yuzuriha around. Unfortunately, Tsukasa tracks Senku and the others down before there's any time to investigate, and Senku is faced with several impossible choices. This volume also features an extended flashback to Senku's childhood, as well as the period of time when Senku was first revived and had to do things on his own.

As in the first volume, considerably less time is spent on the work and process behind things like making clothing (there's a brief mention of Senku chewing hide as part of the tanning process). Pulleys and stone tools are also covered fairly quickly, but those portions still felt more complete to me than than the two panels worth of clothing-making. (I'm willing to forgive Senku's unlikely leaf skirt, for the poor artist's sake.) And of course gun powder got several pages - the stuff that goes boom is always more exciting, I guess.

This series hasn't really won me over yet, but I'm intrigued by some of the things that were brought up in this volume. After I read the first volume, I had lots of questions about the premise, and some of them were addressed here. For example, Senku confirmed that only humans and sparrows were petrified, which explains why so many other animals are just fine, although it still leaves us (and Senku) with the question of what caused the petrification and why only those two groups of beings were affected. I'm really curious about all of that, and it sounds like the author might eventually allow the characters to figure those things out, so I'm tempted to continue reading for that reason. It's just going to be a little more difficult from here on out, because I've now finished all the volumes my library owns.

The discovery that there are other humans in the area is also intriguing, and I'd like to know the specifics of whatever plan Senku sent Yuzuriha off to take care of.


A few Q&A pages.

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