Monday, February 20, 2023

REVIEW: Chainsaw Man (manga, vol. 2) story & art by Tatsuki Fujimoto, translated by Amanda Haley

Chainsaw Man is a blend of horror, action, and comedy. I bought my copy of this volume new.


Denji battles the Bat Devil in order to save Meowy and Power and get his chance to touch Power's boobs. Then it's time for Denji vs. the Leech Devil (the Bat Devil was her boyfriend). 

In this volume we learn about the Gun Devil, a devil so powerful it killed over a million people in 5 minutes. Since those horrible minutes of destruction, the Gun Devil has disappeared. Aki's team is assigned to finding and collecting pieces of the Gun Devil, which other devils eat in order to grant themselves more power. Those pieces should ultimately help them find the Gun Devil itself.

This series is slowly growing on me. It's amusing, weird, gross, and kind of sad. Here's hoping Denji one day grows enough as a person to have something resembling a normal wish. I mean, I guess there are guys who really want to touch boobs or whatever, but it probably isn't so high on their wishlists that they'd be willing to lose an arm for it.

I have to admit, I kind of love that, when Aki, Denji, and Power are all forced to live together, Power turns out to be the most disgusting roomie of the three of them. No veggies, no flushing, no bathing, and 100% proud of all of those things.

And man, Denji. So. Easily. Manipulated. Literally seconds after he complains about having to scrub Power's poop out of the toilet, she immediately wraps him around her finger by offering to let him touch her boobs. If he can't even manage to hold his own against someone like Power, Makima's going to eat him for lunch and make him thank her for the privilege.

The "must collect pieces of the Gun Devil" overall goal reminds me a lot of Jujutsu Kaisen and its "must collect Sukuna's fingers" goal, so that aspect doesn't really feel all that original. But I'm interested enough in the characters to continue reading about their efforts to be functional devil hunters. 


A one-page comic about Denji and Pochi's staple dish and the slight alteration that turns it into their concept of cake (flour and sugar slurry is not cake ::sob::). Also, a one-page comic about Denji and Power's first experience with coffee - I personally like coffee (with sugar and lots of cream), but their reactions were hilarious. "'Tis ditchwater you drink!!" I can just imagine Power cosplayers screaming it in coffee shops.

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