Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Blog update - "Follow by email" service will stop working after July 2021

Blogger put up a notification that the FollowByEmail widget is going away, and the email subscription service will no longer work after July 2021. So, if you've used it to follow my blog, be aware that it's going to stop working soon. I'll remove the widget in the meantime, but I don't know what, if anything I'm going to replace it with. I don't have a lot of followers anyway as far as I know, so it doesn't seem like something I need to worry about much.

I assume my various RSS feeds will continue to work, since I haven't gotten a notification about the "Subscribe to" widget on my page.


  1. Back in May 2018, while working on GDPR compliance for my blog, I learned that Google was no longer going to support Feedburner. So I switched to GDPR-compliant MailChimp (free if your subscriber list is small). I used the tool in Feedburner to download the subscribers list in CSV, and then e-mailed the very few that were actually active subscribers, asking them to either re-subscribe with the new widget I put on the blog from MailChimp, or to give me permission to add them (MailChimp has a way you can do that). I see I still have a few active subscribers in FeedBurner (although I only recognize one!), so I am going to repeat that.

    1. I got as far as downloading the list (very small, as expected, and only a few listed as "active") but haven't done anything with it yet. I'll see if I can make myself do something with it before time runs out - I haven't had a lot of time and energy lately. MailChimp seems like a nice option.