Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Invincible Iron Man (non-Japanese animation, movie), via Netflix

The Invincible Iron Man is one of the many animated superhero movies currently available in Netflix's catalog. This movie had so little of an effect on me that I'm struggling to even remember what it was about. It also doesn't help that I watched it last month. I can definitely say this: don't watch this movie thinking it has anything at all to do with the live action movies. This animated movie exists in a universe of its own. I don't know enough about the comic books to be able to say whether it's more related to them or not.

Here is what my notes tell me about this movie: Animated Movie Tony still likes to spend his off-time in the company of lots of Barbie doll women. Animated Movie Rhodes isn't working for the military, unlike Live Action Movie Rhodes, although he used to be an Army medic. He now works for Tony and, under Tony's direction, has been heading the excavation of some ruins in China. A group opposes this excavation and has been making things difficult for Rhodes and the excavation team. If I remember correctly, Rhodes is captured, Tony goes after him and gets captured too, and things similar to the terrorist capture portion in the first live action movie occur. The Mandarin is sort of this movie's villain, but Tony spends more time dealing with the Mandarin's Elemental warriors. Oh, and there's a tragic romantic subplot involving a beautiful young Chinese woman, because of course.

The story is meh, the animation is terrible (it reminded me of Saturday morning cartoons, plus some badly incorporated CGI), and, by the way, the "cover" artwork looks way better than anything you'll find in this movie. Also, Robert Downey, Jr. has spoiled me - Animated Movie Tony, voiced by Marc Worden, was lacking in charisma. Instead of feeling larger than life, he was just...sort of pleasant? I guess? At any rate, he didn't make much more of an impression on me than anything else in this movie.

I have all the other animated superhero movies Netflix provides access to sitting in my queue, but this movie made me think I might want to remove them. I am doubtful they're worth the time it will take to watch them.

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