Sunday, June 30, 2013

Making some changes

I'm so behind on my posts right now that I'm going to institute some short-term (or not so short-term - who knows?) changes to my blog. From this point to whenever I decide to change back, any live action stuff I watch will not include watch-alikes/read-alikes, unless I really want to include them. I'm also iffy about whether I'll include any for audiobooks. I still plan to put in the effort for anime, manga, and books/novellas, though.

At the moment, I need to write posts for two audiobooks, one movie, one TV series, two novels, and one short story. I'm very close to finishing a short story anthology and another audiobook. I'd skip writing posts about some of these, except my blog works out really well for me as a way to keep track of what I've read/watched and what I thought about what I've read/watched.

I don't know if I'll post anything today, since I'm Sunday Librarian, but I've at least got a rough outline typed out for one of the books I've finished.


  1. Don't let blogging stress you out by putting undue pressure on yourself to meet a certain schedule. I often make that mistake and have once or twice come close to giving up completely. If it's not fun, it's not worth it...

    1. I used to require myself to write a review post at least once a week and almost burned out on blogging because of that. I've at least gotten myself out of that mindset, but it looks like I still have periods where I start to stress about blogging. Yet another reason to never request review copies from publishers.

      Anyway, thanks Sam! I think I'm doing better than I was when I wrote this post. It helps that I had a fun day off from work today and took the time to do some things I'd been putting off.