Friday, January 20, 2012

ALA Midwinter

I'll be at ALA Midwinter tomorrow, talking to people at the cataloging- and technical services-related tables and picking up books I don't really need (I haven't even come close to finishing my last pile of conference ARCs). On the plus side, my TBR pile shouldn't increase by too much, because I can only come back with as many books as I can carry, rather than as many books as I can load into a car. On the minus side, this means I actually have to show restraint.

I'll try to remember to list the books I manage to get. Judging by the list of vendors, it's unlikely I'll end up with any manga, but graphic novels are a possibility, and I'm sure the YA selection will be overwhelming.


  1. Hey, if you have any room and there is ANYTHING hardbound for kids/YA, pick it up for our collection! Thanks!!!

    1. I looked, but there was hardly anything hardbound being given out for free. I did manage to get an autographed hardcover copy of Kylie Jean, Football Queen by Marci Peschke, though.