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2011 in numbers

[UPDATE: I just realized that, occasionally, some of my numbers don't add up quite right - for instance, the number of print books I read doesn't match the number you get when you add up all the print books I bought and got for free. I don't really feel like going through and checking everything, though, so I'll just say that my numbers might not always be accurate, but they should be fairly close.]

Here are some numbers for 2011. All of these numbers are based on full posts I've written about a single thing. My posts with short takes on multiple works weren't counted, and neither were my posts about multiple volumes of manga - the numbers below are more about what I actually wrote about than how much I read and watched. That made the counting a little easier.

  • 21 print books (as far as those go, I was amused to see that I began and ended the year with Julia Quinn - totally unplanned)
  • 13 e-books
  • 7 e-novellas
  • 7 audio books
  • 2 graphic novels
  • 17 volumes of manga (the actual amount I read was much higher, but I didn't write single posts about most of them)
I can't believe I only read 41 books in the past year. I need to work on that.

I only read one non-fiction book in the past year - everything else was fiction. This isn't very surprising. Since beginning this blog, I've only read 8 non-fiction works, and three of those were manga/graphic novels.

  • 10 young adult (or juvenile) books
  • 31 books for adults
2011 felt like a big year for young adult reading for me. I was a little surprised that the number of young adult/juvenile books I read wasn't higher.

Animation, Live action:
  • 2 non-Japanese animation
  • 22 anime
  • 3 live action
These numbers are no surprise. I always watch way more animation, particularly Japanese anime, than live action.

Movie vs. TV series:
  • 2 movies
  • 22 TV series
  • 1 OVA
The numbers don't quite match up to the animation vs. live action numbers, so I have a feeling my tagging is a little off on one or two posts, but you get the idea. Although I know I saw more than 2 movies in the past year, I only wrote about two. It's no surprise that the TV series number is high.

My Nook:

I bought my Nook in April, and I found myself wondering how this affected my reading habits. I felt like I read more e-books than print books after getting my Nook, so I took a look at the numbers.
  • 13 print books (this includes 1 book that is essentially a picture book for adults, so it might be more accurate to say I read 12 print books)
  • 6 e-novellas (I read one novella while trying out someone else's Nook, so I'm not counting that one)
  • 12 e-books
As it turns out, I read more individual works in e-format, but my book reading is still slightly more print format than e-format. It's impressive, though, that e-books make up almost half of my book reading now. It would be interesting to know how the page count compares, since it seems like e-first publishers' definition of "book" is shorter than traditional print books. However, I don't have those numbers and, even if I did, I'm still not entirely certain that one Nook page always equates to one print page.

All my novella reading in the past year has been due to my Nook (at least according to the full posts I've written) - I read no print anthologies.

Purchased vs. Free:

  • 31 purchased (9 print books, 6 e-books, 10 manga volumes, 6 e-novellas)
  • 19 library (11 print books, 2 audio books, 5 manga volumes, 1 graphic novel)
  • 16 free, but not library (2 print books, 7 e-books, 5 audio books, 1 e-novella, 1 graphic novel)
Viewing (not including movie theater):
  • 11 purchased
  • 1 library
  • 14 streaming
Again, this only reflects the things I wrote full posts about. The actual number of things I purchased and got for free (library, library convention haul, Project Gutenberg, etc.) is much higher, but I'd have a horrible time trying to count it all up.

If you count the posts I wrote about multiple manga volumes (my post vacation manga posts), my library reading goes from 19 to 59, with 45 of those being manga volumes. Those 40 manga volumes were checked out from a library that has an actual manga collection - the library I work at has no manga (unless you count the Odd Thomas OEL manga that we for some reason purchased), so every volume I get from there has to be requested via ILL. Getting through a single series via ILL can be very time-consuming, since I don't usually request multiple volumes of a series, out of fear that the later volumes will get to me first. This explains why I tend to buy more manga volumes than I check out from the library, even though manga volumes are expensive enough that I really would prefer to get them via the library.

As far as purchases of print books go, it should be noted that I tend to buy used if at all possible. The only exception tends to be impulse Harlequin buys. As far as manga goes, I sometimes buy used, but I usually buy new at as low a price as I can find - I get nervous about buying used manga, because I don't want to get shipped something that has damaged artwork.

All of the streaming things I watched and wrote about could be viewed for free, although I should note that, a few weeks ago, I caved and bought myself a subscription to Crunchyroll. That's one of the reasons you'll probably be seeing more streaming anime posts in 2012.

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