Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"students book review on freud for beginners"...

...is one of the entries in the recent search keywords for this blog.

Please, random searcher, tell me you're not cheating on your assignment. If this is the same Freud for Beginners that I read, trust me, it's a quick read, and you might even have fun with it. If it's writing about the book that you're worried about, try not to worry so much. Anything you write about what you thought about the book is bound to be better than some random book review you've copied and pasted from somewhere.

Or maybe not, especially if you haven't written anything on your own in a while, but it sounds a bit better than "If you get caught, you risk a lot more than just a bad grade" or anything else I can think up.

And to the person who asked "who cam first hamish macbeth or evan evans" - I'm pretty sure it was Hamish Macbeth. From what I can tell the first book in that series was published in 1985, while the first Evan Evans book was 1997. Or at least those are the earliest dates I know of for Death of a Gossip and Evans Above. Those two series really are similar, aren't they?

And so ends the mildly creepy "I can kind of tell how you found this blog" post. The above searches stood out because it seems like at least 90% of everyone else who's not finding this blog via its title is looking for Black Butler information. It's like the anime/manga version of the prom queen right now.

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